The ATAYAL Organization is currently building bridges between the Maori of Aotearoa and the Austronesians of Taiwan.
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Building bridges for cultural exchange

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The ATAYAL Organization launched a program for international culture exchange between Austronesian tribal groups. With the Tap Root Cultural Exchange program, the organization and its partners host students from other Austronesian tribes of the world to explore their cultural connections. There are workshops, a film festivals and tours to indigenous sites in Taiwan. Exchange students return home to share their experiences and knowledge to strengthen bonds between Austronesian groups.

The exchange program between Maori students from New Zealand and students in Taiwan launched in December 2013 and served as the model for the program. The theme of the first exchange was Indigenous Media Cooperation.

The ATAYAL Organization hosts the Christmas in Wulai activity every year as a way to give back to an indigenous community in Taiwan. Director Gary Smoke organizes this cultural exchange event as a way to share Western-style holiday cheer with an indigenous community. The indigenous children have the opportunity to learn from people from other countries and share their own culture.

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Voices in the Clouds trailer on Vimeo.

Voices In the Clouds is a documentary film supported by us, to share the story of a disappearing indigenous culture with the world. After screening at film festivals in the Caribbean, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, the film had its Himalayan premiere at Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival and its Oceania premiere at the Wairoa Maori Film Festival in New Zealand. On July 15, 2012, the film won the "Golden Drum" award given to the best film in the Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival.

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"The ATAYAL Organization is committed to building bridges that link indigenous communities around the world by supporting sustainable cross-cultural development."

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If you would like to make a difference with your spare time for our programs and the people they serve, sign up below for the ATAYAL Volunteer Program. Your time and effort can nurture the indigenous spirit and wisdom that has sustained human life for ages as responsible patrons of this Earth. Caring for this spirit now can bring it to life for all humanity in the future.

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Photo credits to Aaron Hosé and Chris Bremer. A special thanks to Aaron Hosé, Chris Bremer, John Schaub, Derek Bedini, Leticia Rieman, Marvin Couch, Philip Diller, Tammy Turner, Po-wen Chen, Dr. Ming-lon Young, and Dr. B-Chen Wen. We couldn't have made it without you.

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