The Atayal language is one of many Austronesian languages used by tribal peoples in Taiwan. When studying Austronesian languages, you can see many word similarities.
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Atayal Language Dictionary

The ATAYAL organization is proud to support indigenous language preservation efforts. We can now offer an Atayal/English/Chinese language dictionary as part of a donation package to support our cultural preservation efforts.

Yukan Batu

Author of the Atayal Language Dictionary, Yukan Batu

Atayal language dictionary

Cover of the Atayal Language Dictionary

For your donation, receive the dictionary and support the cultural preservation efforts of our organization.

The Austronesian languages are a language family dispersed throughout Southeast Asia, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. The languages are spoken by about 386 million people, but there are many Austronesian languages spoken by a dwindling number of indigenous peoples, that are in danger of disappearing. Throughout Austronesian regions, including Taiwan, it is obvious to see the similarities between the languages.

The Atayal language is one of the group of Austronesian languages known as the Formosan languages. It is the language spoken by the Atayal tribe, which number 84,000 native speakers, distributed mostly in the mountainous areas of northern Taiwan. Although there are many speakers, the use of the language in daily lives has been greatly diminished.

This is why author Yukan Batu made it his life's work to preserve the language by writing the Atayal Language Dictionary. Yukan Batu is a member of the Atayal tribe from the Wulai District of New Taipei City. He is a retired principal of Fushan Elementary School, a school in an Atayal indigenous village. He has a longstanding passion for preserving the Atayal culture, supporting and organizing many projects in his lifetime. With the language being an inseparable part of culture, Yukan has dedicated 20 years of his life to writing this book.

Your tax-deductible donation covers the cost of the 583-page dictionary ($42) plus international shipping, with the remainder going to the ATAYAL organization's cultural preservation efforts.

Donation For Dictionary: US $100

For a payment of US $100 you will receive copy of the Atayal Language Dictionary as well as a tax-deductible receipt for your $100 donation.

Important Information About Your Online Payment

The transaction on your financial statement will reflect "ATAYAL" as the recipient of your payment. 100% of your payment will be provided to support the projects and activities that the ATAYAL organization has described above, and a receipt will be provided to you from ATAYAL via e-mail. It will be sent to the e-mail address provided in your PayPal account or during your debit/credit card transaction on the PayPal system.

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