The Maori tribal people trace their ancestral roots about a thousand years ago to a legendary island named Hawaiki. It is said they traveled a great distance to Aotearoa (New Zealand) in 40 waka canoes.
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The ATAYAL organization is proud to share the following photos from Taiwan related to our cultural exchange program.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei City

Taipei is Taiwan's largest city with over 2,600,000 people.

National Palace Museum in Taipei

The National Palace Museum in Taipei houses the largest collection of precious Chinese artifacts and culture in the world.

Taichung, Taiwan

Chaoyang University of Technology

Chaoyang University of Technology will be a host university for the exchange program.

Taichung City

Taichung is a modern metropolis of over a million people near the Central mountains of Taiwan.

Taitung, Taiwan

Taiwan National Prehistory Museum

The Taiwan National Prehistory Museum in Taitung will provide our participants an education on the Austronesian culture of Taiwan.

Taiwan National Prehistory Museum

The Taiwan National Prehistory Museum has informative exhibits on the prehistoric Austronesian culture.

Taitung is unspoiled

Taitung is one of the last unspoiled corners on earth, and the indigenous people are fighting to keep it that way.

Hualien, Taiwan

National Dong Hwa University students

Tony Coolidge with indigenous students at National Dong Hwa University.

National Dong Hwa University

The beautiful campus of National Dong Hwa University near Hualien, Taiwan.

Atayal Facial Tattoo Studio

The Atayal Facial Tattoo Studio in Hualien, run by photographer Tien Kuei-shih, is the place to study the tattoo culture in Taiwan.

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